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PROVE TECH CZ s.r.o. offers TEM Thermal Deburring. 
Scope of application - TEM Thermal Deburring 
We implement the Thermal Deburring method in all cases where the quality of the deburring has a crucial influence on the function of the component, or where labour-intensive deburring must be replaced. 
The Method - TEM Thermal Deburring 
Whit this method, all compoments parts containing burrs are heated in a deburring chambre filled with an oxy-fuel gas mixture. The blasting of rhe burrs, which is performed without any material degradation on the component surface, only takes a few miliseconds so that the components are only marginally heated. 
We deine the quality of the deburring, particularly the complete stabilisation of all burr angles, firstly through the volume of gas and secondly through the type of oxy-fuel gas mixture. Here, the design of the necessary deburring machinery is vital for the result of the proces. 
Advantages - TEM Thermal Deburring 

All burrs existing on the component are removed simultaneously 
Extremely high proces stability 
Burr  roots are sealed

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