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Ribbed belts

Short description:
These are flat belts provided with longitudinal wedge ribs on one side.
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Detailed description
These are flat belts provided with longitudinal wedge ribs on one side. They are also called ribbed, Poly-V or Micro-V belts. These belts combine great flexibility of flat belts and high power of V-belts. The belts are designed for use at higher circumferential speeds, and are also suitable for smaller pulley diameters, large gear ratios and multi-shift gears. Belts have a constant stroke across their width. Durable rubber mixture from which ribbed belts are produced ensure smooth and quiet running, heat resistance, long service life and oil resistance. Of course, the rear tensioning pulleys can also be used for these belts. With rigid axial distances, the elastic design of ribbed belts can be used.

Ribbed belts are produced, as well as timing belts, in the sleeves, from which the individual belts with the necessary number of ribs are cut off on a special cutter. It is also possible to obtain the cut-off belts directly from the production, marked with an exact description of the profile, length and number of ribs. For the correct identification of the belt, it is necessary to know either the data on the belt or the length of the belt and the rib spacing (or the belt width and the number of ribs).

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