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CP Fibreglass Cooling Tower

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We produce cooling towers
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CP Fibreglass Cooling Tower
The diversity of the new SPX Cooling Technologies product range allows to benefit from either counterand crossflow principle as also closed circuit cooling. These principles define the air flow direction in relation to the cooled water. Beside the thermal data other criteria like available space, sound constraints, corrosion resistance or the maintainability determine the appropriate choice of a cooling tower.

Mode of Operation
CP towers are mechanical-draft counterflow cooling towers. Hot water flows into the cooling tower through pipes to the spray nozzles and is distributed uniformly above the cooling tower fill. After passing the fill it is collected in a basin. The required cooling air is delivered by an induced draft axial fan in counterflow to the falling water. The air absorbs the heat from the water by evaporation and convection.

The casing consists of a stainless steel support structure with statically integrated FRP casing chemical resistant and corrosion proof panels. The air inlets at the side walls are also fitted with PVC louvers to prevent water splash out.

Water Distribution System
The water distribution system is located above the fill and consists of PVC or PP piping. The PP spray nozzles are designed to distribute the hot water uniformly in the form of fine droplets over the fill. The required “inlet pressure” at the elevation of the water distribution system is only 0.04–0.05 bar. The maximum pressure for the water distribution system is 0.1 bar. 

The standard cooling fill for clean water consists of glued PVC or welded PP film-fill packs with 12 mm or 20 mm straight through channels. For dirty water applications with higher contents of total suspended solids (< 75 mg/l) trickle-grid type fill in different sizes are available. 

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