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Cataphoresis is a pivotal and a longest time used technology of the surface treatment in the LAKUM-KTL, a.s. It involves depositi
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on of paint by an electro-phoresic method, whereby the painted product becomes a cathode in the direct current anolyte (water solution of the epoxy paint) and thus attracts the colour cations. It represents one of the most progressive fabrication technologies of depositing basic paints, delivering a high degree of protection against a corrosion of metals. The cataphoresic method of paint deposition is considered to belong among the most contemporary technologies of metal products surface treatments. Currently, in the whole field of fabrication areas it does not have a comparable competition. The most important share in development of the Cataphoresis technology has the automotive industry, as the anticorrosion protection of body components and other parts, becomes a center point of interest for all manufacturers. High quality of the surface treatment, together with the economic and ecological advantages earmarked this technology for utilization also in other fields of machine industries as well as consumers goods industry.  
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