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Storage is an important part of our logistic services.
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Storage is an important part of our logistic services. Our storage premises are equipped with the latest storage technology and meet the strictest criteria for stock control. We have warehouses near major traffic junctions in Central Europe and also in Western European countries, including crucial seaports outside Europe – all that thanks to the cooperation with Hitachi Transport System. We store standard pallets as well as unusually packed goods, including chilled modes. We operate bonded warehouses. We provide storage services, from pallet consignment consolidation to processing high-capacity orders.

Advantages of Our Solution:

The receipt, inspection, storage, records, identification, movement of goods and so on are controlled by an advanced WMS system that provides regular reports, stocktaking and online management of the flow of goods by customers. Whenever required, we store goods at the location and under the technological conditions specified by the customer. In relation to the storage of goods, we provide a whole range of supporting and additional logistic services including 3PL solutions.

Storage in Europe:

is provided by a network of warehouses with the overall capacity of 110,000 m². The European warehouses are located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland and also in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, France and Italy thanks to the cooperation with HTS. The equipment and provided storage services are at a top European level. ESA and HTS are able to promptly find a suitable location and establish additional storage spaces with optimal position and equipment corresponding to the customer’s needs and to the character of the provided services.
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