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FMCG Sale is a sale of fast-moving consumer goods
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is a sale of fast-moving consumer goods. We provide this service with the use of our own business team through an independent market and local commercial chains.

History of FMCG Sale in ESA
In 2002, Procter & Gamble decided to entrust a single company with the distribution of its products on the independent market and local commercial chains. The company had used a multi-distributor system before. With regard to the good experience with the serious approach of the ESA owners, Procter & Gamble assigned ESA to create a sales distribution system in the Czech Republic, and later in Slovakia. The sale is organized in the form of pre-selling, which means that the sales representative visits retails and creates orders that are settled within 72 hours when the merchant receives the ordered goods.

Development of FMCG Sale
More and more suppliers, not only from the drugstore segment, gradually and with growing intensity join the sale system of the ESA Group. The increasing extent of the number as well as segments of products sold makes the whole sell system more and more effective.

Advantages of Our Solution:
ESA has a very good, experienced and professional business team thanks to its long-term experience in this field. The minimum order is only EUR 50 which allows us to work with a large number of consumers from the independent market. More than 30 sales representatives take care of the retail service only. Majority of orders is delivered within 48 hours since the placement of an order. ESA has the capacity and know-how to continuously increase the volume of the sold goods using all FMCG segments.

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