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Recently, there have been significant changes in the field of logistics. All industrial branches, whether production, wholesale or retail, are beginning to completely hand logistic operations over to professional providers in order to reduce costs and increase the quality of their services. Since 1980s, innovative solutions reducing costs, increasing the efficiency of using information systems, coordinating and managing supply, production and commercial activities have been introduced to logistics. This comprehensive package, formerly known as „Complex Logistics“, is now called „Third Party Logistics (3PL)“. It is a branch with a quickly growing demand. ESA has been the provider of 3PL services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for several years.ESA developed and started providing the GREEN3PL logistic service in 2009. As against the standard 3PL service, the service that ESA provides has been extended by another important criterion: optimal ecological solutions for all logistic processes. The word GREEN guarantees that services provided by ESA are environmentally friendly.

ESA can provide 3PL services in Europe and other parts of the world in cooperation with the HTS Company, an expert specialized in 3PL services.
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