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Non-Ferrous Scrap

Short description:
We purchase a whole range of non-ferrous metal scrap from both small and large suppliers to dispatch the metals further to metallurgical plants.
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Detailed description
Purchase of Aluminium Scrap
  • Alu 99.5 % scrap (wires, sheets, bus bars, wire granulate)
  • AlMg scrap (sheets, extrusions, sections)
  • Al metal masters
  • Aluminium alloy scrap ((AA 3003, AA 8006, AA 3105, etc.)

Purchase of copper and brass scrap
  • Cu I. - Millberry (glossy wires above 1 mm diameter, glossy electrical flanges, glossy trolley wires, Class 1A granulate
  • Cu II. - Berry (new pipes, new sheets, green trolley wires, carbonized dynamo strips)
  • Cu yIII. - Mix 95 % (ragged carbonized wire, old sheets, old wires, lump scrap, excluding geysers)
  • Ms scrap (only production scrap - from Ms 63 to Ms 90 - sheets, strips, cuttings, extrusions, delaborated scrap shells)

Purchase of Other Non-ferrous Metal Scrap
  • Primary and secondary Al scrap
  • Cu, Ms and Bz scrap
  • Zn scrap
  • Cable scrap
  • Corrosion-proof scrap Fe-Cr, Fe-Cr-Ni, Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo
  • Electronic scrap
  • Scrap with the Au and Ag content and autocatalyzers
  • Other scrap (Ni, Ti, Sn, W, etc.)

Steel Scrap

We provide purchasing, sales and processing of metal scrap for our customers according to specified kinds as per Czech and European standards (ČSN 420030).
Kind 15, 71, 72, 12, 12V, 14, 13, 21, cast iron 02, 04, 06 and others.

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