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Štěpánská 34
Praha 1
112 17
Czech Republic
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Given its long tradition on the market and the economic results it has achieved, METALIMEX a. s. ranks among the most prominent business companies in the Central European region.

It focuses on trading in the following areas:

  • Non-ferrous metals,
  • Aluminium sheets, strips, foil and aluminium and paper-based packaging,
  • Solid fuels, in particular, Coking Coal, Steam coal, Sized Hard Coal, Brown Coal, Lignite, Anthracite and Coke,
  • Pulverized coal dust,
  • Copper and brass semi-products,
  • Copper, brass, aluminium and steel scrap,
  • Steel products,
  • Iron ore,
  • Other commodities.

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Company ID Number: 00000931/CZ00000931


Štěpánská 34
Praha 1
112 17

Country: Czech Republic

Region: Prague

Company Headquarters
Displayed 4 products
Aluminium Sheets and Strips
Price: not set
We are the exclusive distributor of aluminium sheets and strips for the company AL INVEST Břidličná, a. s.
Non-Ferrous Scrap
Price: not set
We purchase a whole range of non-ferrous metal scrap from both small and large suppliers to dispatch the metals further to metallurgical plants.
Copper and Brass Semi-Products
Price: not set
We are an exclusive distributor of brass and copper rolled and pressed semi-products made in our own factory.
Non-Ferrous Metals
Price: not set
We trade in all basic non-ferrous metals. We carry out hedging operations on the London Metal Exchange.
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