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KS Klima - Service, a.s.

Náměstí Svobody 677
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Czech Republic
Company activity text KS Klima - Service, a.s.

The development, production and supply of air filters for atmospheric dust in the following assortment:
- pocket filters of the filtration classes G3-F9
- frame filters from synthetic and glass fibres
- frame filters KS-PR with replaceable filer medium, G2-F7
- antistatic filters KS-PAK-AST with a certificate

Supplies and assembly of:
- end elements for clean areas
- pressure inlet ceilings for clean areas
- special multilevel filter equipment
- manometers for measuring the pressure loss at filters
- air-conditioning equipment including the project documentation, adjustment and installation
- authorized representation of the company SPX Air Treatment: Filtration Group

- complete reconstruction of the filter systems and filter sections of air-conditioning units
- reconstruction of the filter systems of paint shops and spraying boxes
- optimalization at the reconstruction of the air-conditioning and cooling equipment

Providing service works:
- replacing filters at the customer
- cleaning the filtering and ventilating chambers
- fitting the units with new filters
- disposal and ecological liquidation of used filters
- handling harmful waste
- reactivating the saturated active carbon
- replacement of active carbon in all filter systems
- contractual maintenance and services in clean areas, validation, authorized measuring of the area cleanness by laser counter of particles
- deliveries of products using own means of transport
- contractual service and regular maintenance of air-conditioning

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Company ID Number: 25607669/CZ25607669


Náměstí Svobody 677
263 01

Country: Czech Republic

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Adsorption filters for separating gaseous harmful
Price: not set
Filters and filtration systems for adsorption of molecular harmful substance pollution from air.
Reactivation of activated carbon and disposal of filters
Price: not set
We ensure the complete servicing of all the systems with activated carbon.
Pocket, frame and compact filters
Price: not set
Complete range of pocket, frame and compact filters for capturing coarse and fine dust
Filtration media made of both synthetic and glass fibres
Price: not set
Broad range of special filtration media made of both synthetic and glass fibres for both prefiltering and main filtration in ventilation and air conditioning equipment.
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